New Websites in Development

The Sack Filling Company is currently in the process of developing new websites for our products ranges. This includes a re-imagined Sack Filling website and the combination of the Wathambury and Morray websites. During this process we apologise for an inconveniences that may occur. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information you may require.

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The Sack Filling & Robot Palletising Company Ltd

New Mezzanine Floor

The Sack Filling Company is in the process of adding an additional Mezzanine Floor to the factory, this will generate more storage and production space. Allowing us to accommodate larger automation projects and increase our inhouse fabrication capabilities.


The Sack Filling & Robot Palletising Company Ltd

Robot Replacements

We can replace any Robot with a new Fuji-Ace robot from Fuji Yusoki Kogyo, which we consider to be the finest in the world for palletising and de-palletising applications. Unlike some other Palletising Robots currently sold in the UK, the Fuji-Ace was designed from the outset as a Palletising Robot rather than a customised variant of a welding or general purpose industrial Robotic unit. Because of this fact and the limited number of axis required to palletise versus tasks such as welding, Fuji Robotics were able to massively simplify and weight reduce the arm of their robots and gain more efficient mechanical design for the actuation of the arm.

The Sack Filling & Robot Palletising Company Ltd

New Robot Installed

Another busy week at the Sack Filling Company, another Robot installed into a major animal feed supplier.

The Sack Filling & Robot Palletising Company Ltd